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For Parents | Nourish International

Nourish appreciates your support of your student’s involvement with our movement!


Nourish provides training and support for your student to take action on global poverty

Nourish serves as a platform for your student to make a global impact today, while preparing him or herself for a lifetime of making a difference. Our model consists of three parts: student leadership development, social enterprise, and responsible international development in partnership with communities abroad. Learn more About Us, and Our Programs

We seek to provide your student with an experiential education curriculum that provides her or him with a leadership framework, problem solving skills and global citizen perspective.  We recognize that in doing so, your student may work in the field in developing nations. Safety is our number one priority and we do everything possible to ensure the safety of your student throughout the year.

Parent Testimonials

“When Molly got involved at OSU I wholeheartedly embraced the mission: to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty.  The organization has given Molly an inside look at other countries’ obstacles and how we can help make life for them more healthy and safe.  She has truly grown as an individual because of Nourish!” – Mary Miracle, parent of OSU alum

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given Carter. It means so much to her and her Chapter at the University of South Carolina. Your organization has done many wonderful things and accomplished so much. She is very proud to be part of such an impressive group!” – Laura Spencer, parent of University of South Carolina Student

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