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Ventures | Nourish International

Since 2003, Nourish Chapters have earned more than $565,000 through Ventures to impact global poverty.

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UCLA Thrift Sale Venture

What are Ventures?

Ventures are on-campus businesses run by Nourish Chapters in order to raise awareness, build chapter membership, and earn money for international projects.

Why Ventures?

We believe that business can be a powerful tool for creating opportunity and seek to use markets when possible to produce sustainable wealth and possibility for both our communities and communities abroad. We seek to invest in social enterprise.

Ventures vary across campuses and include Business Ventures like Sidewalk Symphonies, Hunger Lunch and Cafe Nourish and Event Ventures like The Thrift Sale and Hold’em for Hunger poker tournament.

The triple bottom line in all our Ventures

The Triple Bottom Line Theory considers the impact of business on People, Planet, and Profit.

PEOPLE: Our Ventures respect the health, safety and prosperity of all producers, vendors, volunteers, consumers and the greater community, ensuring fair and beneficial practices towards all involved.

PLANET: Our Ventures respectfully steward the environment. All products are sourced, consumed, and disposed of in a way that reflects sustainable environmental practices.

PROFIT: Our Ventures create a viable business that sustainably produces profits.