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Featured Students and Alumni | Nourish International

Students are the future – student leadership development will engage them in a life of positive impact.

To highlight how Nourish students are involved with international sustainable development projects, and at Chapters across North America, we are sharing with you stories from some of the many students who excel as leaders with Nourish International. Nourish International has a history of impacting students, and in turn, our students are changing history as they impact the world!

We invite you to read about Theodore, Grace, Haley, and others and consider getting more involved by supporting these students.

theoTheo Klimek, University of Minnesota ’14

Theodore Klimek, is one of the Founding Members of the University of Minnesota’s Nourish International Chapter. In the summer of 2013, Theodore worked in Mfango Island, Kenya to help establish reforestation with two other students and with their partner Organic Health Response. “The time we spent there getting to know our partner, the community, and the issues they face, was of incomparable worth to me in understanding issues of poverty and the role of non-government organizations in addressing them”. By cultivating the growth/ planting of trees, and educating students as well as community members, Theodore and the UMN team worked to create a sustainable reforestation project in Mfango Island. Following the trip Theodore described what he gained from his experience as, “I’m beginning to distinguish between solidarity and charity; and I’m empowered to continue to stand alongside communities like Mfangano for the rest of my life”. Today, Theodore is still involved with Nourish International as one of the advisors for the UMN chapter! To see one Theodore’s favorite Ventures at UMN click here: “Paint out Poverty”

Grace Herbener, Ohio State University ’14grace

Grace Herbener is an alumni of Nourish International’s chapter at Ohio State University. Grace first got involved with Nourish International at Ohio State because of her interest in finding an organization that was involved with International Development. Grace was very impressed by Nourish International’s model that focuses on empowering students to promote international development. “The biggest thing that Nourish has taught me was was how to be a leader. One of the best things about their model is that they teach students how to be leaders. They give students the skills to go out and be involved in international development”. While at Ohio State, Grace proved her leadership skills when she held the positions in her Chapter such as Financial Director, Marketing Director, and Co-President, as well as participating in a Nourish International project in Cameroon in the summer of 2013. Grace participated in Nourish International’s Women’s Empowerment and Health Education program in Bafoussam, Cameroon. Grace and her team worked with Cameroon Association of Active Youth to create an environment for discussion about women’s health issues.

FelipeFelipe Moreno, Ohio State University ’11 

Former member of the Ohio State Chapter of Nourish International, Felipe Moreno, is one of the many Nourish International alumni that has valued and incorporated the lessons he learned throughout his involvement with Nourish International in his life
after college. In 2010 Felipe, participated in a Nourish International partnership with Moche in Peru. Felipe was involved in creating a water reservoir for the community of Cerro Blanco in Peru, which left Felipe wanting to do more, “After my project with Nourish International, I left with a desire to work in international development in the future”. Since completing his degree at Ohio State University, Felipe has been working with the Peace Corp in Tobati, Paraguay. Felipe explains many of the methods of community outreach to skills he practices today in as he works with the Peace Corp in Paraguay to have been learned through his projects at Nourish International, “The inclusion of the local community is something that made my Nourish project successful and I try to practice the same thing here in Paraguay”. 
To hear Felipe talk more about his experience with Nourish International, check out this video: “Water for the World”

Hailey Lewis, University of Idaho ’16Hailey

Hailey Lewis is a 2014 Bridge Scholar Recipient as well as a Chapter Founder at the University of Idaho. In summer 2014, she traveled as a project intern to Bali, Indonesia to work with the Slukat Learning Center. Recently with the Nourish International Chapter at the University of Idaho, Hailey helped to execute the Color Over Poverty Run, which was inspired by the Indian Festival “Holi”, and was held to raise money in order to fund their 2014 Summer Project in Indonesia! Hailey is excited about her opportunity to participate in a Nourish International project, and is thankful for the Bridge Scholarship, “With this scholarship, I will be able to gain firsthand experience and exposure in the world of international nonprofits. I am so excited to be able to directly apply my studies to the real life experience of working on a Nourish project”. At Nourish International we are excited to see what experiences Hailey will come back with, and also to see how she was able to make a first-hand impact abroad! To learn more about the Color over Poverty Run, check out this article! University of Idaho “Color Over Poverty” Run

RachelRachel Marx, University of Pittsburgh ’15

Rachel Marx and the Pittsburgh/ Juniata team worked with their international partner Moche to build Latrines in Ciudad de Dios, Peru as part of their Water and Sanitation initiative. Rachel and the team of other Nourish International students helped to establish a protected water system in hopes of preventing the existence of contaminated water. Contaminated water is one of the main causes of life threatening diarrhea for children in Peru. Along with assisting in the construction of a water system, Rachel along with the rest of the team members helped run two health fairs during their time in Peru. The intermittent health fairs that the students helped run are one of the only ways that these rural communities have access to health care services during the year. Students such as Rachel chose to partake in these programs because they are working to create sustainable change within communities, “The power of the Nourish model is that it is not about providing aid and hoping for the best. It’s about working with the community, exchanging skills and knowledge, and creating change that will last”To see more about Rachel’s project in Peru, check out this video: Pittsburgh/Juniata in Peru

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